Gay sex with my boss for a career

As long as you’re not doing anything illegal at work, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch some online pornography. But if you want to keep your job, you need to stop watching it. So my manager (who is a really tough guy with a big dick) came to talk to me about my performance … Read more

My first gay group sex

First post here for four long year. It’s all true! Everyone is at least eighteen. After I graduated from high school, I started using Grindr. Even though I was legally an adult, my mother didn’t allow me to leave the apartment until 11pm on weekdays. So I’d sneak out after her went to bed. One … Read more

History of student gay site

I’m 18 months into my freshman year of university. I’ve been out of high school for about two years, and haven’t really explored much of what I might enjoy sexually. My roommate Austin is also 18 months into his freshman year. He’s open about being gay, and we’re both interested in exploring our sexualities together. … Read more

My perfect gay sex

Earlier this year, I (a 30 something) decided to take a holiday alone in Italy. Unfortunately, I got sick two weeks before I was due to leave, so had to cancel everything. What to do? My flight and accommodation were already paid for, so I figured “Fuck it, I’ll just go alone.” So I did. … Read more

My best gay friend

On Saturday morning, I got horny and started grinding right away when I woke up. I figured my husband would go to work and I’d have the house to myself for the day. After logging into Facebook, I received a friend request from a man who looked like he could be my son. He was … Read more

A transgender woman has been forced to quit her job teaching at an elementary school in New York City after she was subjected to a torrent of online abuse 

A teacher was reportedly fired after she was caught filming a student during a school assembly. A social science teacher at a Jewish school was forced to resign after being outed as transgender. At the beginning of the new academic year, Talya Avrahami started her teaching career at Magen David Yeshiyevah in Brooklyn, NY. Her … Read more

Strictly Come Dancings star Richie Anderson explains why she decided to take part in the show with a male partner.

Radio personality Richie Anderson revealed he was given a chance to choose between competing in a same-gender or opposite-gender dance competition before this season of Strictly. He says he was encouraged to perform with a man by his girlfriend. He told the Metro that they had given him the option over it. “They asked if … Read more

A gay rights organization has intervened after an Ivy League school banned its LGBT club from meeting on campus.

Yeshiva University has banned every single student group at its New York City college after an appeal by the school was denied against a ruling ordering it to recognize the pro-LGBTQ’s YU Pride Alliance. After the University of California, Berkeley announced its plan to ban single-gender fraternities and sororities, the school’s Jewish Queers group has … Read more