WWE wrestlers are airing out Vince McMahon’s “first homosexual encounter” story

Former WWE wrestler turned far-right political commentator Jesse Ventura has been talking about his time working for the company.

This latest episode of WWE’s flagship show featured an interview with Vince McMahon, where he discussed his first sexual encounter.

Apparently, Vince McMahon pitched a new storyline for the WWE where he would be dating a woman who had a gay crush on him, but the owner didn’t think it was funny enough.

After which, he seemed to pivot back to his professional life.

“He went, ‘Let me share with you my first homosexual experience.’ I remembered when we were in Vince’s room together, and I looked at Kevin and I had a question in mind. It was, ‘What did he mean by his last one?’”

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He recounted his experience to several people who laughed at him.

“Vince was telling me about his life growing up in North Carolina,” Hall remembered. “I don’t really remember any details about his childhood, but I’m assuming he grew up somewhere near the pool at the country club.”

He said some guy picked him out of the crowd and started touching his thigh. He thought it had something to do with the fact that they were both wrestlers.

“I remember resisting it. It was not the way we did things.”

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It’d be surprising if he didn’t tell his side of the tale. And even though he’s a Trump supporter, he included it as a pitch for an interview with the WWE.

Hall specifically states that the WWE at the times was “really big on family fun,” but somehow, McMahon thought that this gay storyline would be a campy good thing for audiences.

McMahon has been accused of having affairs with former WWE wrestlers and paying them off, so maybe this isn’t the worst thing he could be doing at the moment.

Listen to Scott Hall recount it all in his own voice.